Make It Easy On Yourself

Editing software is hard to understand without the correct tools. We make it easy by giving you the essentials while leaving out the frills.

Good looking videos can be made while filming, but great videos are made during the edit.


Master The Skills

This course covers:
  • Software layout, workspaces & multiple monitors, and file management
  • Importing files, syncing video & audio, and creating multi-cam sequences
  • Editing a first draft quickly, text effects, stabilization, and shortcuts
  • Audio workspaces, mixing, transitions, effects, and layering volume levels
  • Color correcting, grading, white balance changes, & green screen keying
  • Exporting media and recommended secondary softwares

Turn A Chore Into A Delight

You will become a proficient editor within Final Cut Pro X. Making videos can be time consuming and the edit often slows content creators down; that's why we teach how to edit faster and ship more videos.

The video tutorials will teach you exactly what you need to know about using the software so you can actually have fun editing videos.

Final Cut Pro X is one of the best video editing softwares out there, but is still intuitive to learn. Even if you're new to editing, you won't feel overwhelmed.


You Have Control

You will control your pace so you can move through the course at your own speed and track your progress. Once you enroll, you get immediate access, for life. Any updates we create for this course in the future will be given to you for free.