A Little About Us


It all started when...

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The Crew


Caleb Wojcik // Director & DP

Caleb Wojcik has been making videos off and on for nearly a decade. In that time he has filmed the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, NCAA basketball & football, weddings, commercials, book trailers, and plenty of training videos for the web. He runs a video production company in San Diego, California, teaches solo video production for the web at DIYVideoGuy.com, and he is the teacher of multiple courses on shooting & editing video at DIYVideoSchool.com.

Tim KRUPA // Editor

Tim began working as a freelance editor after college to fund his rock climbing trips. Enjoying the work, Tim took the opportunity to work full time with CWF in 2015. While editing, coloring and enhancing audio Tim generally works within the Adobe Suite but also utilizes DaVinci Resolve, REDCINE-X and a few choice plugins. Tim enjoys working at CWF because projects are constantly changing and new challenges are always presented; plus, “the team kicks ass.” If Tim was a river, he’d flow west.

Christy Johnson // Producer 

After graduating from The University of California Santa Barbara, she went on to pursue her curiosity and love for the wedding and event industry. A self starter at heart, Christy followed her passion into entrepreneurship creating To La Lune, a boutique event design and coordination company. With years of planning and list checking under her belt she is the perfect fit to the CWF team, keeping every project on track. Christy loves exploring her new home town (@scout.ithaca), cooking (everything extra spicy), and traveling (she's always trying to get back to New Zealand). If Christy were a mushroom she wouldn't be poisonous.

JEN WOJCIK // Photographer

As an Art History major in college Jen lived in Rome studying the Renaissance and Baroque periods. She loved Art History because it was about preserving people and their stories from long ago. People want to be remembered and she was fascinated by the mediums and lengths they would go to in order to do so.