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The Freelance Filmmaker Accelerator Program

with Caleb Wojcik

A three month long, in-depth training program & community for filmmakers who want to book their dream clients, charge higher rates, and grow a profitable client based business.

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Stop Being a Starving Artist

Be a talented filmmaker AND a successful business owner.


Imagine waking up on Monday morning and not feeling overwhelmed by the week ahead.


Your inbox and to-do lists are manageable. You’re not putting out fires left and right. You have the systems in place to not only avoid crises, but also have a productive week.

Instead of staying up until 2 AM editing, you’re ahead of schedule and your clients already have what they need. You’ve sent out three contracts and four invoices and you’re only on your first cup of coffee. You have enough money in the bank and you’re doing work you enjoy.


So often I see creatives with little to no business experience struggle to put the systems in place to be financially successful.


But that doesn’t have to be the case.

You’ve dialed into your style and aesthetic but let's make some tweaks to set your business up for success.

I want to help you make a profit on every client project so you can re-invest in yourself, your business, and your team.

In this program I’ll help you:

  • Book dream clients who value your work. You’ll learn how to approach and land potential clients who see you as an asset, not an expense.

  • Work on the projects you love. You’ll learn how to land the projects you want to be working on and stop taking jobs just to get by.

  • Increase your income. You’ll learn how to finish projects on schedule, charge what you want, and earn more money.  


Since 2014, my clients have paid me over $700,000 to make videos.

(Including three projects over $40,000.)

In this program I’ll share how to land your dream projects.


If You Want To…


Book More Clients

One of the hardest parts of growing your business is expanding your network and increasing the number of potential clients. Once you learn how to put systems in place to make the right connections, your company will become the no-brainer option for the type of work your clients need and the kind of work you want to do.

I'll share how to figure out who your ideal clients are and how to actually land them.


Raise Your Prices

Almost everyone undercharges. Chances are, you should be charging more for your work too. Not charging enough leaves you scrambling for the next project and barely being able to pay your bills. Raising your prices gives you more buffer (and usually means working with better clients).

I'll share how I price based on value and what the client can afford versus what I may have charged in the past.


Increase Your Profit

You only have a business if you spend less than you earn and can actually pay yourself what you want at the end of the month. (Unless you want to run a non-profit...) To make sure this is the case you need to predict cash flow, expenses, and plan for margin.

I'll share how I project my finances throughout the year to make sure I always have enough money to afford the gear I want to invest in and support my family.


Take Control of Your Business

You originally got into this to make awesome videos, not look at spreadsheets and answer emails. But if you want to work on great projects with dream clients, you need to learn to run your company like a CEO (even if you don't enjoy the business side as much).

I'll share how to streamline and simplify the business side of things so you have more time for the fun stuff.

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This is for you if you're...

  • Taking jobs you don’t want to do, just to pay the bills

  • Not getting enough or the right client inquiries

  • Not converting inquiries into paying clients

  • Not moving closer to the type of work you want to do

  • Not making enough profit to support yourself

  • Not making enough to hire help or grow your company

  • Putting gear upgrades and equipment purchases on credit cards instead of paying cash

  • Currently working in a job you don’t like and moonlighting on the side hoping to go full-time

  • Trying to switch from one type of client into another niche (e.g. from weddings to commercials)

  • Burnt out, overwhelmed, stuck, and can’t keep up with your workload


What We’ll Cover

  • How to niche down into serving only your ideal clients

  • Figuring out which potential clients can actually pay you what you want to earn

  • What you need on your website (and what you can ignore)

  • The parts of your brand that matter (hint: not your Instagram grid or follower count)

  • How to pitch your proposals so your clients almost always say yes

  • Positioning yourself as an investment for your clients, not just another expense

  • How (and why) to say no to certain clients (even when you need the money)

  • A templated questionnaire to figure out if a potential client is the right fit for you

  • Raising your rates with existing clients

  • A process for figuring out how much to charge

  • How to always get paid on time (and never have a project drag on forever)

  • Choosing the best software for getting paid, collaborating on videos, and running your business smoothly

  • Everything that should be included in a contract and invoice to protect yourself, your time, and your company (including a copy of the contract and invoices I use)

  • A step-by-step project management checklist you should use for every client project

  • How to keep your clients in the loop, avoid miscommunication, and prevent rework

  • Setting client expectations and how to exceed them

  • Where to find crew and talent to hire

  • Simplifying and speeding up client feedback and revisions

  • Determining how long to estimate for post-production and what NOT to promise

  • How to turn one-off clients into retainers or repeat customers

  • A simple way to leverage past clients to get more work through referrals

  • Determining the proper business structure for your stage in business

  • Strategies for properly forecasting cash flow, tax payments, and bookkeeping

  • What kinds of insurance you need to protect your gear, clients, and business

  • Travel hacks I use to avoid fees and losing any checked equipment

  • Tactics for changing from one type of client work to another niche or industry

  • Knowing when is the right time to quit a day job to go full-time

  • Figuring out the perfect moment to hire an employee to help out


Join the Accelerator Program

Here’s What You’ll Get:


Weekly Live training

Every week for three months I'll be giving a virtual presentation that you can join live, ask questions during, and I'll record if you can't make it live. For the full curriculum, go here.


Private Community

Chat the exclusive, private Slack channel between weekly calls with the other students to get feedback on your website, demo reel, client proposals, and more.



You’ll get downloadable samples of my Contracts, Invoices, Creative Briefs & Proposals, Onboarding Questionnaires, Project Management Task Lists, Emails, and more.

case study.png

Real world case studies

I’ll share what’s worked for me to grow my client business to over six figures each of the last four years. (Including stories I won’t share anywhere else.)


customized Feedback

You’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire to help me get to know where you’re at with your business so I’ll give you specific feedback every week.

Weekly Accountability

We will all meet virtually once a week, share what we have accomplished, and celebrate the wins we’ve had.


Enrollment is currently closed.


Meet Your Teacher

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Hey there, Caleb Wojcik here. In late 2014, I decided to leave my job at Fizzle and start my own video business. Leaving a job I enjoyed that provided a solid paycheck was terrifying. I had rent to cover, student loans to pay, and medical bills piled high from my wife’s cancer treatments. I was scared, but I knew I had to take a chance on myself.

Four years later, I’m earning more money than before, have a full-time editor, work the hours I want, and take a month off each year to travel internationally.

I’ve come at this filmmaking thing from the opposite way most creatives do. I had a business background before I ever picked up a camera. I have two undergrad business degrees and an MBA. I even worked in finance forecasting at Boeing for 3 years.

I’ve launched, sustained, and grown a successful six figure business as a creative for four consecutive years and I want to help you do the same.


Caleb’s Past Clients Include:

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What They Say

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Laura Roeder — Founder of Meet Edgar

"I had Caleb & his team create an "about us" video for my company.

I have to say I was wowed not only by the finished product, but the entire process start to finish.

Caleb really took the time to understand our needs and vision for the video as well as the "vibe" of our company. In our case we wanted to be very hands off and let Caleb work his magic as far as coming up with the storyboard and visual storytelling."


Pat Flynn — Founder of Smart Passive INcome

"I've worked with (and continue to work with) Caleb on several video related projects, including an ongoing YouTube series, book trailer production, video course work, live streaming setup and more.

He's not only a great filmmaker, he's an amazing help when it comes to the content as well.

He knows what works, and there's no other person I'd rather work with and recommend for your next project."

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Barrett Brooks, COO of Convertkit

“If there’s a person who’s built a stronger business and reputation as a video agency, I don’t know them.

Caleb Wojcik is an artist and a smart business thinker who knows how to help you grow as a filmmaker.


Steve Kamb — Founder of Nerd Fitness

"I’ve known Caleb for years but only recently have I started working with him and his team.

We’ve been working together now for months and I’m really satisfied.

From helping me with equipment to make filming on my end easier, filming a YouTube trailer for me, and building a great workflow to make it simple for me to shoot a film, quickly upload it to Dropbox and have his team take it the rest of the way."

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What You'll Learn Each Week

Week 1 — FINDING Your Niche & Digging in

  • What kind of videos do I want to make?

  • What niche should I serve so I can make enough money?

  • Who is my dream client?

  • How should I specialize?

Week 2 — Building Your Brand online

  • What should I name my company?

  • What should be on my website?

  • How do I put together the perfect demo reel or portfolio?

  • How should I use social media to stand out to potential clients?

Week 3 — Finding and Attracting Ideal Clients

  • Where do I find ideal clients?

  • How do I make it so clients come to me?

  • How do I cold email a potential client?

  • What do I respond to a lead with to find out if they’re a good fit?

Week 4 — Landing Clients with Custom Proposals

  • What should I include in a treatment or creative brief to land a client lead?

  • How do I convey what I can do for someone if I haven’t done it before?

  • What are red flags I should recognize in potential clients? (i.e. when to say no)

  • How do I position the project as an investment instead of an expense?

Week 5 — Advanced Pricing Strategies

  • How much should I charge?

  • Should I offer multiple pricing options?

  • How do I figure out their budget if they won’t tell me?

  • What do I do when client budgets are too low?

  • Should I negotiate on price?

Week 6 — Contracts & Invoicing tips

  • What clauses and protections should be in my contract?

  • How do I build an invoice that justifies how much I charge?

  • When along the project should I get paid and what percent/terms should I use?

  • How can I get paid on time and not get stiffed for work I already did?

  • What software or systems should I use for contracts & invoicing?

Week 7 — Before the Shoot

  • What tasks should I track through the entire client project?

  • How do I set expectations for timeline of delivery?

  • How do I communicate with the client about a shot list, storyboards, scripts, and more?

  • Should I rent or buy the gear and equipment I need?

Week 8 — During the Shoot

  • What should I always have on set with me?

  • How do I deal with high maintenance clients or crew on set?

  • How do I quickly get an interview from someone who is struggling on camera?

  • What should I do when the day starts to run behind schedule?

Week 9 — After the Shoot

  • What is a normal turnaround time?

  • How many revisions should I give the client and how do I facilitate them?

  • What happens if my client requests something beyond the scope of our contract?

  • How do I keep the client in loop on the progress of the project after we film?

  • When should I enable full resolution downloads?

  • How do I have a post-mortem call with my client and what should we discuss?

Week 10 — Cash flow planning & Accounting tips

  • How do I plan my cash flow so I always have enough money in the bank to pay myself and my team?

  • How do I properly save enough money for paying taxes each year?

  • What do I need to do bookkeeping and accounting wise?

  • When can I afford to quit my job and go full-time?

  • When can I afford to hire help or buy the gear I want to use?

Week 11 — Protecting Yourself & Legal business setup

  • How do I protect and insure my gear & equipment against theft and damage?

  • What can I do when flying with gear to prevent bags from getting lost by the airline?

  • Should my company be a sole proprietorship, LLC, or S-Corp?

  • How do I register my business with local, state, and federal governments?

Week 12 — Next Level

  • How do I raise my prices with past clients?

  • How do I change from one niche or speciality to another?

  • How do I get past clients to hire me again?

  • What is the best way to turn a client into a retainer agreement that keeps on paying me each month?

  • How do I balance managing the business and working in the business at the same time?


Frequently Asked Questions


"IS it okay if I don’t have time to join each week?"

Yes! You need to figure out what’s right and realistic for you, but one hour a week, for three months, is a small investment for your business. If you can’t make the live calls, don’t worry, they’ll be recorded. You can watch them later.

Think about it. You can either pay a ton of money for a custom contract, spend hours writing your own, or I can give you a template on one of our calls. And that’s just one example of how I’ll help simplify and speed up your processes.

Nothing worth it is ever quick or easy and the time and effort you put into mastering the business side of things will be well worth it in the end.

"If I’m a freelance filmmaker and I’m feeling stuck with my business, Is this the right fit for me?"

Yes! Maybe you’ve plateaued or can’t break through to doing the kind of work you want to do. You’re constantly putting out fires from clients, up late editing, haggling over prices, and don’t make as much money as you want.

Most filmmakers I’ve talked to start a business because they want creative control over the projects they work on, but they often find that running a business that makes them enough money each month takes an entirely different set of skills than filmmaking does. And those are usually skills that don’t come as easily or are as much fun as the creative side of filming and editing.

Also, check out the “this is for you if…” section.

"Is this different from other online courses?"

Yes! This will be a very hands-on experience and you’ll get live, personal feedback from me. Not just access to watch pre-recorded video lessons.

What this is:
  • This is three months of dedicated weekly facetime with me and support from a group of serious filmmakers looking to level up their businesses
  • This is personalized feedback and recommended tweaks to your business
  • This is a way for you to invest in your business during the slow client season
  • This is a way for you to learn from someone who has made mistakes and can provide valuable hindsight
  • This is a way to share wins & losses with others who are on the same path
What this isn’t:
  • This isn’t a self-guided video course. This is much more tangible and more hands on. I won’t leave you hanging out there with modules to digest on your own, I’m here to actively answer your questions and provide feedback every week.
  • This isn’t a quick fix. It’s not a weekend workshop. I’m going to put the time in and I hope you will as well. This is a 13 week intensive program to level up your business and help you reach its potential.

"I'm unsure about the timing, maybe I should wait until this opens up again?"

This the first group of students I’ll be accepting for this program, so I’ll be extremely hands-on with them and customize what I teach and share to where they are each at. By being an inaugural member, you’ll get more out of the program now than if you wait for me to potentially open it back up again a year or more down the road.

Also, we all know it slows down at the end of the year. People start coasting and pushing things off until January. They take their foot off the gas just a bit, leaving you with a bit more breathing room in between projects.

Why not use that extra time to put systems in place that will help you make 2019 a standout year for your business, to reach the goals you’ve been talking about, and to do the work you’ve dreamed of doing?

I’ve always believed in investing in education and surrounding yourself with people who are doing what you want to be doing. I’ve gotten my MBA, bought online courses, flown to conferences, and attended in-person workshops. Each one has brought me closer to running the business and living the life I do now. Without taking a chance on myself, both mentally and financially, I would still be stuck working under fluorescent lights at a job I loathe. I’m glad I didn’t wait.

Other questions? Email me at