DIY Premiere Pro Guide

Learn Adobe Premiere Pro & start editing videos faster.

5 + Hours of video lessons




Does it take you too long to edit videos?

Are you overwhelmed by the software, keyboard shortcuts, and syncing footage?

Creating videos is difficult enough without having to edit them, but great videos are made during the edit.

A bad edit can ruin good looking footage, strong performances on screen, and tons of planning.

Whether you're too intimidated by Premiere Pro or you want to take what you already know to the next level, I'll share everything I know about it and have learned over the past few years making hundreds of videos for myself and companies like Smart Passive Income,, and Gumroad.

I believe that anyone can edit great videos by themselves. It just takes patience, dedication, and the right amount of focused learning.

That's why I made this course.


Featured Success Stories


"I was having such a hard time getting a blurry background. I wanted it so bad! And Caleb taught me it's all about the lens, so I went and bought a 50mm."

THOMAS FRANK - College Info Geek

"Because I was able to learn so fast, my YouTube channel was able to grow to over 10,000 subscribers in 6 months, which is something I never even thought would happen."

EMMA SHORT-E - Studio Scratches

"Caleb taught me how to click my fingers 3 times when I mess up a take, which has saved hours editing."

PETE SVEEN - DIY Projects with Pete

"He has taught me all about the techy side of things... and he also taught me how to present myself."


"Everything he recommended, I got exactly that (gear)... and got a video out a week and a half later."


What You'll Learn:

Video editing can be a huge time suck. Trying to figure out how to use Premiere Pro can seem nearly impossible because there is so much to learn.

Trust me, I've been there. I've spent countless hours watching endless tutorials to edit my videos faster and better. That is why I put this guide together.

There are plenty of excuses for not editing videos, but "know-how" should not be one of them. 

This course covers:

  • Software layout, workspaces & multiple monitors, and file management
  • Importing files, syncing video & audio, and creating multi-cam sequences
  • Editing a first draft quickly, text effects, warp stabilization, and shortcuts
  • Audio workspaces, mixing, transitions, effects, and layering volume levels
  • Color correcting, grading, white balance changes, & green screen keying
  • Exporting using Media Encoder, dynamic linking to After Effects, Audition, Speed Grade, Photoshop, etc.

Master Class

Get this five hour class if you're serious about making videos.

This is everything I wish I knew when I started using Premiere Pro. Through 50+ video lessons I share every step of my process for editing a video in Premiere.

This course covers every step along the process of importing, organizing, editing, and exporting a video.

It starts with basics like workspaces and file management, then goes into how to edit a sequence, syncing video & audio, using multi-cam, text effects, transitions, and more. You'll also learn how to edit audio, color correct & grade your footage, key for green screens, save hard drive space, dynamically link to After Effects for motion graphics & Audition for audio sweetening, and work with external programs from Red Giant and elsewhere.

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4 Lessons | 26:40

  1. Setting up a video editor's desk
  2. Overview of software layout
  3. Workspaces & multiple monitors
  4. File management & organization

Basic video editing

10 Lessons | 1:06:37

  1. Importing footage & files
  2. Project autosaving & backups
  3. Creating a sequence
  4. Syncing video & audio
  5. Creating multi-cam sequences
  6. Selecting b-roll
  7. Editing tools
  8. Building a first draft quickly
  9. Cuts, fades, & transitions
  10. Using markers

advanced video editing

10 Lessons | 1:30:17

  1. Cropping & slow zooms
  2. Text effects & titles
  3. Intro & outro bumpers
  4. Speed changes & reversing clips
  5. Warp stabilization
  6. Layering video tracks
  7. Tips for faster editing
  8. Keyboard shortcuts
  9. Multiple sequence editing
  10. Using video & audio effects
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Audio editing

4 Lessons | 22:44

  1. Audio workspaces & mixer
  2. Audio transitions & keyframing
  3. Audio effects
  4. Layering audio tracks 
DIY Video Production Guide - Thumbnails-9.jpg

Color grading

7 Lessons | 46:12

  1. Understanding vectorscopes & waveform monitor
  2. Tools & strategies for applying
  3. White balance
  4. Color correcting
  5. Color grading
  6. Advanced masking & isolation
  7. Keying for green screens
DIY Video Production Guide - Thumbnails-10.jpg

File Management

4 Lessons | 19:37

  1. Relinking offline media
  2. Rendering in to out
  3. Cache files & saving hard drive space
  4. Exporting & using Adobe Media Encoder

Adobe CC Dynamic Link

5 Lessons | 16:07

  1. Dynamic linking overview
  2. Editing audio in Audition
  3. Color grading in Speed Grade
  4. Text effects in After Effects
  5. Using Photoshop files

External software

5 Lessons | 26:21

  1. Magic Bullet Looks & Colorista
  2. Denoiser
  3. Film Convert
  4. Plural Eyes
  5. DaVinci Resolve

Beginner Class

Not ready to commit to the full course? Instead of offering the entry level class at $99, like we have with other courses, we're giving away this one hour long beginner class for free.

This five day email course will take you from knowing nothing in Adobe Premiere Pro to being able to edit a first video. You'll go from newbie to proficient in one week.

Throughout the five videos you'll learn how to import footage, sync video & audio from multiple cameras, color correct, setup workspaces, properly export, and more.

We're giving this beginner course away for free because we're confident that once you learn the basics of the software and get over the fear of being overwhelmed, you'll be back and eager to learn more in the full course above.

Click here to start our free "Premiere Pro 101" course immediately.

Who created this course?

Meet Caleb Wojcik.

Caleb has been making videos off and on for nearly a decade. In that time he has filmed the NHL, MLB, NCAA basketball & football, weddings, commercials, book trailers, and plenty of training videos for the web. 

He currently runs a two-person video production company in San Diego, California whose clients range from Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income to tech start-ups like Gumroad.

Caleb is also the creator of & formerly co-founded 

Frequently Asked Questions



Anyone who wants to get better at using Premiere Pro. This course will be helpful for people ranging from complete novices to those already editing in Premiere but looking to edit faster.


Yes, for life. This is version 1.0 of the course and any future updates are free to previous buyers.


Upon purchase you'll get access to both stream them over the web (even on iOS or Android devices).


Completely. Watch each lesson when you are ready to move on from the next. You can access any lesson from day one.


Yes I do. If you are not satisfied with the course, email me within 30 days, and get a complete refund. 

Other questions? Email me at

"I should probably just pay to have Caleb on retainer. Did you know you can use the Q and W buttons to cut up footage in Premiere faster? I didn't until a couple months ago when Caleb taught me them, and now those functions save me 1-2 hours of editing every single week. As a full-time YouTuber, I'm happy that I still get schooled regularly from Caleb."
- Thomas Frank
"My wife learned Adobe Premiere from your course (she’s jamming it) and our Youtube Channel is KILLING it.
We made $7,000 our first month monetizing. And, that’s just after about 120 daily vlogs.
One of our fans just asked us, "did you go to college or something for your editing skills?" Nope, we just learned Premiere from Caleb's course and watch Casey Neistat every night, who we found out about through Caleb's podcast."
- Justin Rhodes
"I used to be a Final Cut Pro power user. Every video I had ever made for the past 10 years had been edited with FCP. But then I met Caleb. He made a very strong argument for why he uses Adobe Premiere. Since I was already paying for the Creative Cloud, I thought I'd give it a shot. Turns out, I got hooked in seconds. Since using it, I've followed all of Caleb's videos on the software which help me setup my workspaces, color correction, and how to manage my files between my iMac and Macbook Air (yes I edit on an Air, it is very possible with an external hard drive).

Caleb is my go-to video making resource. The dude knows how to make amazing videos, and best of all, knows how to teach others the same. Thanks again, Caleb."

- Matt Giovanisci
"I ended up using tips from Caleb to film a video for my Kickstarter campaign and in less than 24hrs it had already crossed the 50% funded mark, with TONS of people gushing about the video quality."
- David Hindin
"Man, Caleb is smart. Every time I hang out with him, he doesn't say a lot, but when he does you better listen."

- Chris Ducker
"When creating video, every time I follow Caleb’s advice exactly, things work great. When I ignore his advice, I always regret it later."

- Nathan Barry