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We make web videos for startups & entrepreneurs.


More Videos. Less Time. Better Results.

Instead of just making one video, posting it online, and hoping that it goes viral, we work with you to create a game plan you can follow consistently and easily make more videos. 

Everything from figuring out what your videos should be about and what to title them to easily making scripts and choosing your call to action.

We also rarely just shoot one video at a time. Instead, we batch filming multiple videos into a single day. This leads to releasing videos on a consistent basis, which is how you actually build a thriving audience online. 

This means you're saving time and money, so you can focus your energy on the rest of your business instead of fiddling with cameras, lights, microphones, and editing videos multiple days a month.

Then to get the views, shares, and conversions you put all this work in to get, we handcraft everything you need to promote your videos. Click-worthy thumbnails, crafting YouTube playlists, perfectly sizing social media images and teaser trailers for longer videos.

This consistent branding and promotion leads to more views, more fans, and more sales.


What kinds of videos
have we made?

Launch & Sales

Whether you're launching a digital course or a physical product to your own audience or on a crowdfunding website, we specialize in making videos to help introduce your next big thing.

We've made launch videos for our clients that have gone on to raise $453,803 on Kickstarter, land books on the Wall Street Journal bestseller lists, and more.


About & Explainer

If you're looking for a video to live on your website's homepage or just need to explain what you do, we work to distill what you do into a succinct, focused video.

These kinds of videos are great for differentiating your business or product from the competition while at the same time including a little bit of your company's personality and humor.


Interviews & Conversations

Creating interview style videos are a great way to share information with your customers or audience in a way that makes them feel they are part of the experience.

Capturing a good interview is more complicated than it looks. Multiple cameras, recorders, lighting positions, etc. 

Whether the interviews are filmed on the go or in a controlled environment, we create a clean and cinematic look so the viewer is focused instead on what is said.



Documentary Storytelling

One of our favorite types of video projects is to film on the go, documentary style, while everything is unfolding, and capture unscripted stories.

In the summer of 2015, we had the honor of going with Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income to Ghana with Pencils of Promise to document the work that is being done there to build schools and train teachers. These four videos are from that project.


Live Event Coverage

We have been covering live events in all kinds of ways over the past few years. Everything from main stage keynote speeches at major conferences to intimate fireside chats in front of a small audience.

We create highlight videos, fully recorded presentations, and even coordinate multiple camera angles during a live stream broadcast of an event.


Course Creation

Since we got our start making videos for the web through online course creation and we sell our own courses, we are well versed on how best to help our clients make their free or paid courses.

Beyond just recording the videos in a course, we help with the planning, outlining, and formatting of a course as well. We understand better than most how daunting creating a video course can be, so we make it easier.

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Not just video production.

Not all video projects fall into consistently publishing "talking head" videos. We get that.

We've found that when people think video, there are a lot of different things in mind.

Here are some of projects we can help you with.

Our Team

Based in San Diego, California.

Filmmaking is a team sport. Remember how long the credits were on The Avengers?
It takes more than one person to plan, produce, shoot, edit, and deliver consistent high quality videos. 

This is our team.


Caleb Wojcik



Tim Krupa


Jen Wojcik



Let's Work Together

We're currently looking to work with amazing people on incredible projects.

If that's you, we'd love to hear from you.

We've been filming & editing videos for over a decade.


Hey, Caleb here. 

Since 2005, I have filmed NHL, MLB, NCAA basketball & football games, weddings, commercials, book trailers, and a lot training videos for the web.

I now run a boutique video production studio in San Diego that plans, films, and edits videos for startups and entrepreneurs.

We're based in San Diego, but we travel worldwide to help our clients tell visual stories that will help their message reach a larger audience online and impact more people.

On this page are a bunch of examples of work we have done in the last couple years for various kinds of companies and causes. Everything from product launches and live event coverage to explainer about videos and online course creation.

We'd love to hear from you if you'd like to work together, just send us a note and I'll follow up for us to chat more.

Caleb Wojcik

Frequently Asked Questions


"What Size projects do you normally work on?"

Since we work with a wide range of clients, our project sizes always differ. We've made videos that require a large scale production team to batching dozens of videos at a time for our clients in their home offices. We care most about the opportunity to create and execute a video strategy that will deliver results for people we are collaborating with. 

"Who is your average client?"

We work with all types of businesses. Start-ups, solopreneurs, software product companies, physical goods, local small businesses, craftspeople, bloggers, makers, and more. Most of our work is for online only entrepreneurs and businesses. 

"How much do you charge? Is it a one-time fee?"

Every project is different. Depending on the scope, timeline, and resources a project needs, we determine the budget for working together. We do work on monthly retainers with some clients as well as single contract agreements for projects with a definitive start and finish.


After we receive and review your contact form, we will respond with follow-up questions and work out a time to discuss your video project further. This helps us create an estimate and proposal to work together and then if you'd like to move forward from there, we'll send over the contract for you to sign and the initial investment invoice to start pre-production.

"are you willing to travel?"

Have camera, will travel! We have traveled all over the U.S.A., Europe, and to Africa with clients and look forward to future projects that take us to new places. 

Other questions? Email me at caleb@calebwojcik.com.