• 1 hour of video training
  • 14 video video tutorials
  • The eBook


  • 5 hours of video training
  • 34 video tutorials
  • 5 video interviews
  • The eBook


  • 10 hours of video training
  • 64 video tutorials
  • 5 case studies
  • 9 video interviews
  • The eBook
"When creating video, every time I follow Caleb’s advice exactly, things work great. When I ignore his advice, I always regret it later."

- Nathan Barry

Frequently Asked Questions


"Which package is best for me?"

If you're serious about making videos for the web, the 10+ hours of tutorials, case studies, and interviews in the master class will get you closer to the videos you want to create faster, all for less than a single Ivy League college credit.

"Do I get free updates?"

Yes, for life. This is version 2.0 of the course and any future updates to any of the packages are free to previous buyers.

"How do I watch the videos?"

Upon purchase you'll get access to both stream them over the web (even on iOS or Android devices).

"Can I upgrade later?"

Absolutely. If you get one of the lower packages you can jump up to the other packages when you're ready. Just contact me to do so.

"what happened to version 1.0?"

Don't worry, it still exists! Depending on which package you buy, you'll get the original version 1.0 alongside what comes in the new version.

Other questions? Email me at

"Man, Caleb is smart. Every time I hang out with him, he doesn't say a lot, but when he does you better listen."

- Chris Ducker