Edit Videos Faster

Quickly move through your edit by using keyboard shortcuts, in-to-out points and keywords. Editing does not have to be time consuming.

Spending too much time on an edit feels exhausting. Free up your time by learning the tips and tricks we offer in this course.


Publish More Often

One of the more common struggles shared with me from other video creators is not being able to publish as much as they would like. Often the source of the problem lies in post-production. Editing becomes a bottle neck.

Learning to perform an edit proficiently sets you up for success and allows more time to film and plan more videos.


Grow Your Audience

Attract raving fans by publishing consistently. Share your videos on social media channels and blogs to engage followers and build your email list. If you aren't publishing consistently you will become background noise.

The faster you edit, the more you publish, and the larger your audience grows.


Increase Your Income

If you could film and edit professional videos in a short amount of time, who do you know that would hire you to make them a video? Technical know-how and practice may be the only things keeping you from starting a video production side hustle.

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