Advanced Class

The best class for stepping up your video production skills.

If you've started making videos with a DSLR and they just aren't turning out how you'd hoped, this is good tier for you. You'll get video lessons on picking the right equipment, the basics of lighting, what camera settings to use, capturing solid audio, writing your script, and delivering it to a camera. A great introduction to recording better videos.

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Video Gear & Equipment

7 Lessons | 35:53

  1. Choosing a camera
  2. Choosing a lens
  3. Comparing 6 microphones
  4. Setting up a video studio
  5. Using a digital audio recorder
  6. Tripods, monopods, mic stands, light stands, etc.
  7. Which memory cards are best
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4 Lessons | 18:47

  1. Setting up 3-point lighting
  2. Different types of lighting
  3. Using only natural light
  4. Setting white balance
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Camera Set-up

8 Lessons | 49:21

  1. How aperture works
  2. Shutter speed vs. frame rate
  3. ISO and reducing image noise
  4. Framing and the rule of thirds
  5. Properly exposing an image
  6. Better screen recordings
  7. Focusing a DSLR quickly
  8. Shooting b-roll
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Recording Audio

4 Lessons | 23:53

  1. Using a lavalier microphone
  2. Using an on-camera shotgun microphone
  3. Using a boom microphone
  4. Live monitoring audio
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Planning & Delivery

4 Lessons | 26:33

  1. How to write your script
  2. Delivering a script
  3. Acting natural on camera
  4. Planning b-roll