Starter Class

The perfect class for someone looking to make their first video.

Consider this a quick start to get you pressing record without being afraid. An introduction to equipment, setting up the camera, some microphone tips, and delivering a script. This stands on its own.

DIY Video Production Guide - Thumbnails-3.jpg

Video Gear & Equipment

5 Lessons | 23:58

  1. Choosing a camera
  2. Choosing a lens
  3. Comparing 6 microphones
  4. Different types of lighting
  5. Setting up 3-point lighting
DIY Video Production Guide - Thumbnails-8.jpg

Camera Set-up

5 Lessons | 26:25

  1. How aperture works
  2. Shutter speed vs. frame rate
  3. ISO and reducing image noise
  4. Framing and the rule of thirds
  5. Properly exposing an image
DIY Video Production Guide - Thumbnails.jpg

Scripting & Audio

4 Lessons | 28:01

  1. How to write your script
  2. Delivering a script
  3. Using a lavalier microphone
  4. Using an on-camera shotgun microphone