"I should probably just pay to have Caleb on retainer. Did you know you can use the Q and W buttons to cut up footage in Premiere faster? I didn't until a couple months ago when Caleb taught me them, and now those functions save me 1-2 hours of editing every single week. As a full-time YouTuber, I'm happy that I still get schooled regularly from Caleb."
- Thomas Frank
"My wife learned Adobe Premiere from your course (she’s jamming it) and our Youtube Channel is KILLING it.
We made $7,000 our first month monetizing. And, that’s just after about 120 daily vlogs.
One of our fans just asked us, "did you go to college or something for your editing skills?" Nope, we just learned Premiere from Caleb's course and watch Casey Neistat every night, who we found out about through Caleb's podcast."
- Justin Rhodes
"I used to be a Final Cut Pro power user. Every video I had ever made for the past 10 years had been edited with FCP. But then I met Caleb. He made a very strong argument for why he uses Adobe Premiere. Since I was already paying for the Creative Cloud, I thought I'd give it a shot. Turns out, I got hooked in seconds. Since using it, I've followed all of Caleb's videos on the software which help me setup my workspaces, color correction, and how to manage my files between my iMac and Macbook Air (yes I edit on an Air, it is very possible with an external hard drive).

Caleb is my go-to video making resource. The dude knows how to make amazing videos, and best of all, knows how to teach others the same. Thanks again, Caleb."

- Matt Giovanisci
"I ended up using tips from Caleb to film a video for my Kickstarter campaign and in less than 24hrs it had already crossed the 50% funded mark, with TONS of people gushing about the video quality."
- David Hindin
"Man, Caleb is smart. Every time I hang out with him, he doesn't say a lot, but when he does you better listen."

- Chris Ducker
"When creating video, every time I follow Caleb’s advice exactly, things work great. When I ignore his advice, I always regret it later."

- Nathan Barry